Working together to reach common goals and create a positive school environment.


Building relationships through supportive and kind interactions with all the children.


Consistently seeking out opportunities to grow personally and professionally.



ADA SILVA, Kindergarten

Ms. Ada Silva is proud to call MSPCS’ Kindergarten class her new home. Ms. Silva has been teaching for 14 years and is currently taking additional classes towards her BA in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys watching students grow, learn, and develop both socially and emotionally. Her passion for teaching and working with children brings joy to her life. Outside the classroom, Ms. Silva enjoys listening to music, going out to eat, and loves dogs.


Ms. K is excited to be a part of the MSPCS Family. With over five years working with children, she started out as a YMCA counselor and worked for Child Care Careers as a Pre-K Substitute. Her plans are to bring creativity, support, and encouragement, as she assists the teacher in learning. Ms. K is a licensed Massage Therapist, but her passion for working with children led her here, to our kindergarten classroom. In her downtime, she likes to read, draw, write, sing, and spend time with family. One of her favorite places to go is the beach, and anything pertaining to nature. This is her 2nd year at MSPCS and she is honored to be a part of this new journey.

LUISA BERNAL-BLANCO 'Mrs. Blanco', 3rd Grade

Mrs. Blanco has a Child Development Associate Degree and is completing her requirements for her early Elementary Teaching Certificate. She has eighteen years of teaching experience in early childhood through kindergarten. This is her seventh year with MSPCS. Ms. Luisa loves cooking and baking. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially with her nieces. Her favorite books are ``The Grouchy Ladybug`` and ``Miss Nelson is Missing``.


Ms. Keyes is an educator who has dedicated the last 25 years to helping students at different levels, with different kinds of needs. She has been blessed with the amazing opportunity of working as both an Elementary School and Special Education Teacher. For the past eight years, she has dedicated her efforts to preparing fifth graders with all the fundamental skills for the important transition from Elementary School to Middle School, one of the critical developmental stages in a student's life. She is a firm believer that learning should be a fun and creative process, “there are no limits when we put our heart in all we do, combined with hard work``. Ms. Keyes feels God is the one who has equipped her during her life as an educator with the necessary tools to help students when facing challenges. Welcome to MSPCS!


Ms. Susana Serrano has taught Spanish in Miami and at the National Institute of Advanced Studies. She studied and taught in Spain, Ecuador, and Argentina.
Ms. Serrano earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters in Social Psychology. This is her third year teaching Spanish at MSPCS. It is not a surprise that her favorite sports team is FC Barcelona.


It is great to have Ms. Michelle St. Fleur leading the MSPCS aftercare program. Ms. St. Fleur is currently in college, studying to be a teacher! We are fortunate to have her here and work with our students in our aftercare program. She enjoys ice cream, to keep her cool in the Miami heat.


Mrs. Jones is so excited to be at MSPCS as the First-grade teacher! Mrs. Jones graduated from Liberty University in 2018 with an education degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, and a minor in Family and Child Development. She has experience teaching preschool through middle school students. Mrs. Jones was born and raised in New Jersey, moved to Virginia after getting married in March 2020, and just recently relocated to Miami with her husband and sweet puppy, Rosie. She loves working with kids, especially when it comes to helping them learn and grow throughout the year! When she is not teaching, she loves baking, visiting family and friends, and spending time outdoors!


Ms. Brisso recently moved to Miami from Chile and already loves it here! She is very excited to be part of the amazing MSPCS family, teaching second grade. Ms. Brisso has 8 years of experience, teaching students from PreK to 3rd grade. She is a passionate elementary school teacher, recognizing that each student is special. In her free time, Ms. Brisso loves watching movies, spending time with her family, and going to the beach. Her favorite movie is The Pursuit of Happiness, ``don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. If you have a dream, go for it!``.


Mr. Ingram has been educating students for over eight years in various grade levels. He has a degree in Health, Physical Education, and Mathematics. MSPCS is thrilled he is teaching our 4th-grade class. He enjoys fostering a love of learning in our elementary school students and is a firm believer in Christ. Fun fact…. Mr. Ingram has performed in 30 films!


Ms. Edouard studied at American InterContinental University and received her BFA. She taught science for 15 years, but her passion has always been art. She has been an artist all her life, winning awards for art since kindergarten. She started painting murals for school plays in the 3rd grade. She has a brain for science, but her heart was made for art! Ms. Edouard played volleyball for six years. She enjoys making treats that are aesthetically pleasing, she also loves her pets. This is her fourth year at MSPCS.

My Classroom


Mr. Woodard (or Mr. W as the younger students call him) is a multi-instrumentalist passionate about empowering students through music education. During his study to complete his B.S. in Choral Music Education, he learned the importance of teaching the musical instrument we carry with us every day, the human body. Mr. Woodard is empowering young and old students by helping them find their voice in song and rhythm through body movement. He also values the use of technological aids in the music classroom.

AKLESSO AGAMA, Physical Education

This year, Mr. Agama will be teaching PE in the MSPCS Elementary School. He has worked with children for several years, currently works for Hope for Miami, and goes into school to teach students. He has volunteered in the children's ministry at Brook Church and His House. Mr. Agama has a passion for working with children and is so looking forward to working with our students. He has been a Health Educator and is a graduate of Liberty University. Mr. Agama is also a great athlete!



MARJULIS ROQUE 'MS. LULI', Nursery Lead Teacher

We are so glad Ms. Luli has joined MSPCS. She brings years of experience working with children and brings such joy to our students! Her nurturing nature is infectious and very appreciated!

My Classroom

DIONDRA POLLOCK, Lead Teacher 12-24 months

Ms. Diondra has an AA in Early Childhood Development and she is currently working on her Bachelor's Degree. This is her fifth year teaching at MSPCS. One of her hobbies is drawing!

My Classroom

IRMA ENCINA, Lead Teacher, PK2

Mrs. Encina (Ms. Irma) is DCF Certified with a Child Development Associate credential. She has nineteen years of teaching experience. Ms. Irma has been with MSPCS for twelve years and her favorite color is blue.

My Classroom


Ms. Yamilee (Ms. Yammi) has had the privilege of working with children for over 20 years. Her experience is teaching Montessori and Reggio Emilio philosophies at various private schools; she has a degree in Psychology. Ms. Yammi was born and raised here in Miami, where she still lives with her two wonderful boys. When she is not teaching, Ms. Yammi enjoys outdoor activities, shopping, watching movies, and spending time with my family. She is very excited to be part of the MSPCS family, and so are we!

My Classroom

KATHY BIRKOF, Lead Teacher, PK4

Ms. Birkof (Ms. Kathy) has an Associate Degree in Childhood Education. She has twenty-three years of teaching experience and has been with MSPCS for twenty-nine years! Ms. Kathy likes to cook and bake. She likes to visit off-beat places and her dream is to travel to faraway lands. In her free time, Ms. Kathy loves visiting her three beautiful grandchildren in St. Cloud as often as possible and enjoys going on new adventures with them.

My Classroom

IRENE CALHOUN, Teacher Assistant Nursery

Ms. Irene has worked with kids for 5 years and has loved it more than anything. She graduated from NSU with a bachelor's in science of education. 3 fun facts about her: She likes podcasts more than music, loves the beach and reading is one of her favorite things to do.

My Classroom

ANA CASTRILLON, Teachers Assistant. 12 - 24 months

Ms. Ana has been working in the child care field for nine years. She also has her Behavior Assistant Certificate, with a focus on student behavior. She is so glad to be part of the MSPCS family and to assist in the classes as needed.

MARIA ZARATE, PK2 Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Zarate (Ms. Maria) is a DCF Certified teacher with HighScope Curriculum training. She has fifteen years of teaching experience. She has been with MSPCS for twelve years. Ms. Maria's favorite musician is Tina Turner. Her favorite movie is The Notebook, and her favorite food is Mexican food.

My Classroom

EVENA LAZARD, Lead Teacher, PK3

Ms. Lazard (Ms. Eve) is back teaching at MSPCS! We are thrilled that she will be part of our family again. Ms. Eve is continuing to further education and is now taking classes for the AA degree (Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education). Outside of MSPCS, she enjoys reading.

CECILIA RIVERA, Teachers Assistant, Nursery and other as needed

Ms. Cicilia has joined our MSPCS family! She has her Safe Sleep Certification and has been working with children for 3 years. She enjoys watching students learn and experience new things. She says it always makes her smile when parents share the trust of watching their children. Three fun facts about Ms. Cecilia is that her favorite color is orange, she LOVES animals and she makes a great cup of coffee.


Administrative Staff

REVEREND KIM ROBLES, Transitional Pastor

Pastor Kim is an Ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in PC(USA) and has been the Associate Minister and Transitional Minister at MSPC since 2016. She received her BA, Religious Studies Major, and Spanish and Dance Minors from Bates College where she was also a member of the Bates Modern Dance Company. After college, she attended McCormick Theological Seminary with M. Div. Prior to joining our MSPC family, she served as Associate Pastor at Central Presbyterian Church (Miami), spent time in Latin America. Pastor Kim loves to read, going to the beach and most importantly spending time with her daughter, Chloe, and husband, Victor. She loves to teach children about God’s love, since children are the most loving and open-minded people. Pastor Kim enjoys teaching “Bible for Kindy'' and being part of the MSPCS community. There is such care and kindness among the students, staff, and families.

DAISY HIDLGO, Preschool Administrative Assistant

For the past six years, Ms. Daisy has worked both in the elementary school and preschool, so she knows so many of our families. She has 20+ years of school administration experience and has her 45 hours from DCF. Ms. Daisy loves the small family feel of MSPCS which reminds her of growing up and going to school here, in Miami. She loves the fact that the MSPCS curriculum still provides students with art, music, Spanish, PE, and library time when so many schools have had to cut these classes out of their budgets. Ms. Daisy loves the outdoors, going to the beach, camping, traveling, her family (including her furry and feathered ones), and above all God!

STEVEN SILVESTRO, Director of Accounting and Finance

Mr. Silvestro has a degree in Accounting and over twenty-five years of experience in auditing, accounting, and finance. Mr. Silvestro is a ruling elder and Treasurer for First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood. This is his fourth year with MSPCS.

ANITA STEVENS, Head of School

Mrs. Anita Stevens was named the MSPCS Head of School in June 2018. Prior to moving to Miami with her family, Mrs. Stevens worked for the Anchorage school district for 25+ years. She started her career in Anchorage as an elementary school teacher and then as an elementary school principal for 9 years. Mrs. Stevens attended Eastern Michigan University where she received both a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Teaching and a Master’s degree in Administration and Counseling.
In 2015, she traveled to Washington, DC where she was awarded the National Distinguished Principal for the State of Alaska. She was also named one of the 2022 Citizen of the Year by the Great Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Stevens always makes a difference in the lives of her students and staff.
As Principal at Kasuun Elementary School, she was quoted in the local paper saying, ``No matter how large or how small the things that we do, we can always find something to make a difference.” She has two children, Justin (21) and Breanna (23), her favorite color is purple and in her free time, she loves to bake and scrapbook.

YANNIVI AGAMA, Elementary School Office

Mrs. Agama graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. She has worked with children and young adults for many years, both as a teacher and an administrator. She grew up in South Miami, is Cuban, and fluent in both English and Spanish. When not working at MSPCS, she loves serving at her church in Little Haiti, going to the beach, reading, crafting, dancing, and spending quality time with her husband (she is a newlywed!) and her family. Mrs. Agama is honored to be part of the MSPCS family.

School Calendars

School Calendars

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