PreK 3

Three-year-olds enter the preschool environment full of curiosity and the ability to learn through their senses and play. Their conversation skills are becoming more refined as they talk about their interests and relate new ideas to past experiences. They are also beginning to develop friendships and are starting to understand the feelings of others. Children at this stage have an increased attention span, and are developing problem-solving skills, and are beginning to notice environmental print. The complexity of conversation skills and increased attentiveness make this an exciting time for parents and teachers!

Our nurturing preschool teachers share the school’s vision to promote Spiritual knowledge, develop emotional growth and cultivate life readiness. Our school mission and vision begin with preschool and continue through 5th Grade. 

Teddy Bears and Little Sprouts

Welcome to our PreK 3 Classroom, The Daily Class Schedule

8:00-8:45                   Early Arrival

8:45-9:00                   Arrival Time  *All are welcomed 

9:15-9:30                    Greeting 
9:30-9:45                   Shared Reading

9:45-10:15                  Small Group Time

10:15-10:30               Snack Time

10:30-10:45               Planning Time

10:45-11:30                Work Time (Workstations)

11:30-12:00                Gross Motor Development/Outside Time

12:00-12:15                 Personal Care

12:15-12:45                 Lunch Time

12:45-1:15                   Large Group Time/Music and Movement

1:15-1:45                     Gross Motor Development/Outside Time

1:45-2:00                   Personal Care

2:00-2:15                   Story Time

2:15-2:45                   Small Group Time

2:45 to 3:00               Recall Time

3:00-3:15                    Dismissal

3:15-6:00                   After School Care

Students receive instruction in Music, Physical Education, Art, and Spanish twice a week for twenty minutes. Days and times vary by class.

Contact us for a school tour:

Preschool 305-751-5417 – (6 weeks – PK4)

9405 Park Drive, Miami Shores, FL 33138


Elementary 305-759-2548 – (Kindergarten -5th grade)

602 NE 96th Street, Miami Shores, FL 33138


email at: schools@mspcs.net