What to wear

Represent 'The WAVES' with purple and white

Uniforms for K-5

Uniforms are required for all students. Read our Uniform Policy here:

Our partnership with Lands’ End allows you to order customized MSPCS apparel either electronically, by phone or in-store. A percentage of the sales goes back to the school. The MSPCS School Code is 900167123. 


To purchase your child’s uniforms click “Shop” below. You will first be prompted to set up an account and save your child’s name and school info. 

Waves T-shirts for Preschool

Preschool students wear a purple or white Waves t-shirt as part of their daily uniform, uniform bottoms are still required. We also wear the t-shirts for certain special events. T-shirts can be purchased from both school offices. You can pay at the office or your account will be charged and the t-shirts will be ready for pickup at meet your teacher day.

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School Calendars

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