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A time to honor each other and share our growth.

Town Hall

MSPCS students define who we are as a community. They are extraordinary people who have created a community where it is cool to be kind, cool to be helpful, cool to be your authentic self, and cool to try your best. Each Friday at 2:30 pm, we celebrate our students, faculty & staff, parents, and community as we all gather for a school-wide Town Meeting. Parent, family & friends have an open invitation and are encouraged to attend and participate.

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Moving Forward – Onward & Upward!

Classroom Share Schedule

Moving Forward – Onward & Upward!


Sept (Friendship) – Kinder, 5th
Oct (Health) – 1st, 4th
Nov (Nourishment) – 2nd, 3rd
Dec (Generosity) – Kinder, 3rd
Jan (Unity) – 1st, 5th
February (Empathy)- 2nd, 4th
March (Sacrifice) – Kinder, 4th
April (Conservation) – 1st, 3rd
May (Reflection) – 2nd, 5th

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School Calendars

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