Community Learning Partnership

Area schools and organizations sharing and supporting each other

Community Learning Partnership

MSPCS is proud to be a part of the The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores (CLP). The CLP was established in 2008 by leaders from local businesses, organizations, and public and private educational institutions who seek to serve as a catalyst for community engagement and quality education to benefit all members of our community. Its purpose is to provide a forum for sharing community, school, and university educational opportunities and events in an effort to support each other’s activities, partner where possible, reduce costs, and highlight what each organization is offering.

Eat Healthy – Be Healthy
To start 2017 off right, the students of the CLP passed out stickers at lunch the week of January 9th, to the classmates that they saw eating healthy.
Why should we eat healthy?  
It’s good for your body even your brain.
-Healthy foods give your body energy to work properly
-You will even feel good inside
-Eating healthy will expand your lifetime.

CLP Events

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